Maurizio Davolio

Community based tourism by Maurizio Davolio

COMMUNITY BASED TOURISM By Maurizio Davolio, president of EARTH  THE CONCEPT OF COMMUNITY TOURISM There are different definitions of community tourism with strong similarities and some differences which probably originate from diverse sensitivities and experiences gained in specific contexts. However, all things considered, we are talking about nuances, of underscoring rather than actual differences. Let’s […]


Green Destinations Seminars: get involved in the first edition!

      QualityCoast, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and Green Destinations are pleased to announce the first edition of “Green Destinations Seminars”, a series of seminars and workshops that will take place from September 1st to December 19th 2014 in several amazing locations and online. About Green Destinations In this Seminars series, destination management officers, […]


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