Host with the Most, a European Project directed to the training of the responsible tourism professionnals


The Tourism and Hospitality industry is characterized by saturation and a very high turnover of lower qualified staff. An alternative can be to involve sustainable development in the sector making it more attractive both for customers, enterpreneurs and the labour market. Starting to deal with sustainable tourism needs the transformation of enterprises’ practices and a special training. Furthermore, life long training of enterpreneurs and staff, including the lower qualified, is the best way to maintain them in employment.
Our mission within the Grundtvig is to study ways to offer jobseekers and lower qualified workers an opportunity of insertion and improvement in the new niche market of sustainable tourism and to help small and medium enterprises to develop sustainable practices.
The Project is intended to exchange ongood practices among the participating countries regarding training in sustainable tourism and sustainable tourism itself.
The project will support small and medium enterprises, training organisations, enterprises’ associations and experts operating in the tourism and hospitality industry. Not only staff taking part in the meetings will benefit of the results but the overall training teams and stakeholders.
Our commitment is to design a collaboration for the exchange of good practices and to develop the mobility of our beneficiaries further on. Each theme will be assessed and disseminated through exchange meeting hosted by a different partner State. During the meetings experts coming from each State of the partnership will focus on a main topic based on that partner’s main expertise, former students of completed courses and entrepreneurs of small enterprises will share their own experiences and real cases that can be used as good practices.

Maria Petrucci
Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabilevia Aldo Moro 16
40127 Bologna / ITALY
0039 051 509842

Flyer of Host with the most


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