nuovo_Logo_AITR-vett Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile
Country Italy
Legal Status Nonprofit association
Address Viale Aldo Moro 16 – 40127 Bologna
Phone number 0039 – 051509842
Fax 0039 – 051 509905
Mobile phone  XXXX
Profile AITR is a non-governamental and non-profit association; it has no profit-making intentions, either direct or indirect.AITR promotes, helps define, raises awareness for, researches, updates and safeguards the cultural paradigms and the subsequent practical actions connected to the phrase “responsible tourism.” AITR also promotes and coordinates its members by encouraging the culture and the Responsible Tourism trips they propose and creating synergy among members.AITR is inspired by ethical and democratic principles and so promotes activities that support a Tourism that is Responsible, sustainable and ethical. It aims to raise awareness among citizens, promote lifestyles and a consumerism that is fair to all involved.
To Contact:
Name Maurizio Davolio
Phone number +39 – 051509842
Fax +39-051509905
Mobile phone +393355433455
Skype davolio20
Role president


  1. American Forum oN Sustainable tourism (FITS) in Chile (October 2014) | earth-net - 28 January, 2014

    […] about sustainability and to broadcast live cultures with other cultures. The president of EARTH and AITR, Maurizio Davolio will be participating in this very important event. He will intervene on the […]

  2. 8th World Day for Responsible Tourism | earth-net - 27 May, 2014

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  3. At Baku Forum, organised by European Council, we talked about tourism as factor of peace. | earth-net - 14 November, 2014

    […] Davolio, Manager of Legacoop Tourism, President of AITR (Italian Association of Responsible Tourism) and President of EARTH (European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality) has […]

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