AITR signs an agreement with the Italian train network

The members of AITR will manage the disused train stations

Roma, 14th of March 2013


LOGO_TURISMO_RESPONSABILEThe president of AITR Maurizio Davolio has signed at Roma a collaboration agreement with the “Ferrovie dello Stato and the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana”, the national railways network, for the use and the occupation of the disused train stations. These places are still in service but there is not anymore staff working in the stations and they are empty. All the members of AITR who have touristic projects to manage these train stations, could avail to the agreement.
The disused train stations are 1700 in Italy. The sign of the agreement was included in the last meeting of the European project “Work in station”, dedicated to the proposition to offer work to the homeless in the stations. This project includes the stations Roma Termini, Paris Nord and Brussels Central.
The interested members of AITR can address to the association which, based on the conditions of the agreement, will have a role of assistance and coordination.
With this action, the abandoned train stations could be recuperated to play a new social role, considering that the stations of the villages belong to the local story: they are the memory of the students, the workers and the travelers.

Contact details

Maria Petrucci Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile
via Aldo Moro 16 / 40127 Bologna / ITALY
0039 051 509842

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