In June, for a week, Sicily will be the European Capital of Cultural Routes with The Phoenicians’ Route


logo rotta dei feniciIt will be held in Sicily, Selinunte, at the end of June this year the second edition of the ‘Université d’été – Summer Seminar for Cultural Itineraries organized by the Council of Europe and the European Union as part of the’ Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes.
The Phoenicians’ Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe- sponsored by the City of Castelvetrano, had in fact approved the candidacy to host this prestigious event in Sicily.
The Phoenicians’ Route in recent days has passed the technical monitoring of the Council of Europe which have confirmed its internationally certified.
The Summer School of the Council of Europe is intended for managers of the 24 cultural routes and trained in Europe, but will be preceded by a session for new applications. Last year, the Summer School was built in Strasbourg and is the first time it is organized outside the capital of the European institutions. For this year, Sicily will become European Capital of Cultural Routes for a week. In particular, this edition is made, as well as the sponsorship of Castelvetrano, in collaboration with the Itinerary Iter Vitis – Chemin de la Vigne, also established in Sicily, and the itinerary Legado Andalus, based in Andalusia but is working on a path of Sicilian Idrisi network with similar circuits in Spain and Portugal.
The Director of the Route of the Phoenicians, Antonio Barone, recently appointed representative of the 24 routes of the Council of Europe in the European institutions, said: “We hope that this initiative will be useful to stimulate the Sicilian Region to make a bigger effort of the cultural routes. Sicily is the only region to have its territory the headquarters of two routes and a third for the future. Other regions have invested a lot of resources for this prestigious record. Among other things, in the dual role, as the first elected representative from cultural tours of Sicily are ready to meet the President of the Region, councilors and leaders of various sectors (tourism, culture and Sicilian identity, education, land, labor, and others) in order to follow up and / or renewing the Agreement signed in 2007, the first European region, with the Council of Europe which, however, has not been followed up. International cultural routes have been selected as the Destination Europe by the European Commission during the event Crossroad Europe, Toulouse 15 to 17 May 2013, The Phoenicians’ Route 10 is one of the routes chosen to meet international tour operators to promote destinations the 19 countries that now make up the Mediterranean Confederation The Route of the Phoenicians. ”
“I thank in advance the City of Castelvetrano, the Hoteliers Association ataHypsas and all those who work together for the success of the event, starting with the number of interns from all over the world come to Sicily to study models of the Route of the Phoenicians, a case study International creative tourism. I also thank all of the incoming tour operator Sicilian who are working with us at this time. ”
Among the partners of the network UNITWIN Summer School – Chaire UNESCO and the international network of universities doing research on the cultural routes.

Antonio Barone
+39 346 0925462 tel / fax +39 0924 941009
FB: Route of the Phoenicians

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