logoicea ICEI – Istituto Cooperazione Economica Internazionale
Country Italy
Legal Status Associazione
Address Via Cufra, 29 – 20159 Milano
Phone number +39 02.25785763
Fax +39 02.36582762
Mobile phone XXXX
Email /
Skype XXXX
ICEI is a non-profit association engaged in international solidarity, in cooperation for development, in research and information.
It was founded in Milan in 1977, to take part in a dialogue with the citizens on great international themes.
Since 1991 ICEI has also promoted international cooperation projects, working in the context of rural development, environmental protection, responsible tourism and the affirmation of human rights. Today  ICEI is present in more than 10 Countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and eastern Europe (Balkans). In Italy ICEI promotes, besides other information and research activities, social cohesion and co-development projects in favour of vulnerable individuals living in the metropolis.
ICEI works for tourism to adopt principles of social and economic justice, while fully respecting the environment and cultures. ICEI is committed to a Responsible Tourism which guarantees the centrality of local communities and their relationship with tourists. ICEI believe that responsible tourism is able to promote real economic development for local communities, making them more aware of their natural and cultural heritage. In Europe, especially Italy, ICEI is working to promote a culture of tourism that combines the desire to travel outside the usual routes, with attention and respect for the culture and environment of the place in which one finds oneself.
To Contact:
Communication and Fund Raising Department
Phone number +39 02.25785763
Mobile phone XXXX
Skype XXXX

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