Marco Polo

Marco Polo Echanger Autrement – MPEA
Country France
Legal Status Association loi 1901
Address 40 bd Elie Corradi 13240 Septemes les vallons
Phone number +33 9 55 66 06 85
Mobile phone +33 (0) 662 42 28 86
Skype XXXX

Marco Polo “Echanger Autrement” is a French association under the law 1901. Founded in 2005 at the initiative of the members of the South of France who were also the organizers of the first International Forum on Solidarity Tourism (FITS),  the association is based in Marseille. Marco Polo Echanger Autrement (MPEA) brings together multidisciplinary experts and professionals of the sustainable development, of tourism and of the communication sector. The association relies on an international network of associations and non-governmental organizations.

The FITS and the FITS Med: MPEA’s members participate since the first edition of FITS (2003: in Marseille, 2006: in Mexico, 2008: FITS Med in Marseille and FITS in Bamako). For the year 2012, they organized the second FITS Med, which has taken place in Marocco. This forum tries to join professional of tourism (Associations, NGOs, International firms…) and sensitizes them to fair tourism, responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, environment, etc…

The Pescatourism project (fishing tourism): The objective of this project is to mingle the diversity of traditional activities and professional fishing with tourism. This project helps professional to earn money in another way, to protect the environment by less fishing and to educate tourists about a traditional work. MPEA began an experimental project in department of Var (Côte d’Azur).

To Contact:
Name Remi Bellia – Delegué Général
Jean Marie Collombon – President
Phone number XXXX
Mobile phone +33 (0) 662 42 28 86
Skype XXXX
Role Jean Marie Collombon President is founder member of MPEA with Rémi Bellia, Maya Collombon, Thierry Spony and Eric Boudet. Remi Bellia and Maya Collobon are now salaried. Respectively there are director and project manager.
Presentation of PESCATOURISM file_extension_pdf


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    […] headquarters, presented the role of social innovation in responsible tourism. Maya Collombon from Marco Polo explained the development of “Mygrandtour” project, as well as the “Pescatourism” […]

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