I Viaggi del Sogno

LOGO_IVIAGGIdelsogno_sole1 (1) I viaggi del Sogno
Country Italy
Legal Status Cooperative
Address C.so Roma 51d – 28069 Trecate (NO)  c.f. P.IVA 02013500034
Phone number +39 0321 1810556
Fax +39 0321 16 92 033
Mobile phone +39 345 44 93 856
Email manuela@iviaggidelsogno.it  /   info@equotube.it
Skype viaggiisd
Web www.iviaggidelsogno.it/home     www.equotube.it
Profile I Viaggi del Sogno – The specific attempt of our Tour Operator is to structure a sustainable plan of responsible tourism (which respect general principles of social and economical equality, nature and cultures).
According to its own definition, the sustainable tourism recognizes the importance of local communities and their right to be a protagonist in the sustainable tourism of their own lands. We work favouring the positive interaction between local people, communities and travellers. Visiting the more characteristic places and sharing the more traditional moments of local populations, suggesting a direct contact with people, we try to let the people see these countries with a new attitude and with a more awareness.
We operate in these countries:
Italy, Benin, Borneo, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Greenland, India, Kenya, Laos, Madagascar, Mali, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Panama, Peru, Senegal, Socotra, Spain, Togo, Tunisia, VietnamAs fas as concerned Italy, we have developped a specific product : EquoTube. It offers travel ideas, activities and culinary experiences to give alternatives to rediscover territories and cultures: “Experiences that become exchange between hosts and travelers.” It is the first fully united and responsible of this kind.
A sustainable form of travel, where supply and demand meet in a project that tries to protect both. The idea is an alternative way to make and promote tourism in a responsible manner. The proposal is actually enclosed in a tube. He wants to be a gift idea innovative, useful, and fun experience to live or to give where is the approach to make a difference. The structures are selected on the basis of strict criteria (environmental sustainability, consumption and production techniques) favoring reality of a community and those who are inspired by the philosophy of “Km 0”.
To Contact:
Name Manuela Bolchini, Alberto Ceretti
Phone number +39 (0)321 18 13 868
Fax +39 0321 16 92033
Mobile phone +39 345 44 93 856
Email manuela@iviaggidelsogno.it info@ecotube.it
MSN alberto@equotube.it
Skype viaggiisd
Facebook Equo Tube
Role Product Manager / Public relationship

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