EARTH AREMDT and a new partnership to strengthen responsible tourism in the Mediterranean area and in Europe


Our network, the European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality (EARTH) and the Mediterranean network AREMDT, responsible and fair tourism in the Mediterranean area, have decided to gather together their knowledge and experience to increase the influence of responsible tourism. They will collaborate on sharing their expertise and the information, participating to meetings and mutual events as partners and supporting together common projects. The exchange and mutual support will constitute the pillar of this collaboration.

Developing touristic exchanges based on solidarity and fairness, promoting better a understanding and a discovery between the touristic and the local community, considering fair tourism as a tool for a sustainable local development of the territories, complementarity and balanced with the economic, social, environmental and cultural fields, are the steps that share both networks.

Focus on AREMDT network

AREMDT is a collaborative initiative of organizations located around the rim of the Mediterranean Sea that cooperate to develop and promote responsible and sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean.

Men and women, actors living on the ground in the Mediterranean, are committed to the development and promotion of responsible tourism.

These actors envision solidarity tourism as a tool for the sustainable development of local communities of all the Mediterranean countries, in complement and in balance with other economic, social and cultural activities.

AREMDT members are convinced that we can address the major effects and issues facing the Mediterranean today by developing reciprocal tourism aimed at mutual discovery and understanding.

AREMDT brings together a network comprised of diverse associations that advance local development based in the Mediterranean, including organizations promoting international solidarity,  cooperatives and experts in development that work in partnership with travel agencies specializing in solidarity tourism.

These entities share common values outlined in the AREMDT Charter, which are applied on the ground by a collaborative endeavor towards progress.
In order to share these values and extend the opportunity to partake in this adventure, our members offer trips and solitary journeys in their territories.

Follow AREMDT :

Citoyens de la Terre (Coordination South of Europe)
14 Rue Berlioz
13006 Marseille


+33(0)4 91 53 74 65

Coordinator : Axel Axel Frick

Website :


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