EARTH in the Ethical Travel Guide

EARTH is indexed in the Ethical Travel guide 2013

 Presentation of the Ethical Travel Guide 2013 by Tourism Concern: a totally free online guide for responsible and sustainable tourism’ actors.

Thousands of grass roots, low impact, high sustainability initiatives all over the world struggle to tell tourists they exist. Very few of these inspirational initiatives have the resources or skills to market themselves in an industry dominated by multinational companies. Like its predecessors, the 3rd edition of the Ethical Travel Guide is a challenge to this dominance, seeking to redress the balance in order to make tourism more fair.

The-Ethical-Travel-Guide--002The Ethical Travel Guide 2013 is a chance for local communities in destination countries, who are often extremely poor, and dedicated local entrepreneurs to talk to their customers, to promote a more authentic and local experience which they are uniquely able to provide. The first edition went to reprint within a month of publication and was translated into Dutch and Italian. The second edition proved to be just as popular with travellers who were looking for unique and interesting places to stay around the world – places that bring real benefits to local people.

However a print publication has certain limitations, so we would like to fully update and revise the 2013 Edition and make it freely available online. Below you will find a list of the projects and organisations that are in the Ethical Travel Guide. However this is just the start of something much bigger, so keep an eye on this page of the next couple of months and watch it grow!

EARTH is now indexed in the guide and supports it! Consult for free the Ethical Travel Guide

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