Legacoop presented the role of the tourism cooperatives in Valencia

Kind of event

International conference on Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality

Date16th – 19th of April 2013

PlaceValencia (Spain)  Information

During the conference given in the occasion of the “International Conference on Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality” in Valencia, the president of Legacoop Turismo, Maurizio Davolio, has presented the role that the cooperatives have played the tourism cooperatives for the development of a social and sustainable tourism in Italy and in Europe.

During this intervention, Mister Davolio has exposed the history of the tourism cooperatives and their roles in the creation of a more conscious tourism standing for the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism.

Effectively, Legacoop Turismo has contributed to the creation and the constitution of two very important networks at the Italian and the European level.

One is AITR Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile (the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism), the Italian network made up of about one hundred non-profit associations and cooperatives committed to developing new ideas in tourism. The idea is to propose a tourism that places the interests and expectations of the local population at the centre of the business, that respects the local areas and places to be visited – the local culture, lifestyles and customs of the local people.

The second is our European network EARTH which supports the principles of responsible tourism at the European level.

Find HERE the whole intervention of Maurizio Davolio.



Contact details

Legacoop Turismo

via Guattani 9

Roma (Italy)

+39  06 84439334

Fax +39  051 5099051

Mobile phone: 39-3355433455

Email  of the president : Maurizio Davolio : mdavo@tin.it


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