NatureFriends International Annual Report 2012 published

The Annual Report resumes the activities and projects of NFI, portrayed briefly and concisely within the different focus areas. Furthermore, there are links to specific topics, results and publications from this busy and productive year 2012.


NFI Annual Report 2012 (16 MB)

Up to 2012, Europe and the entire world went through hard times – which are probably far from over. The effects on Naturefriends activities have been manifold. On the one hand, there are economic imponderables: subsidies may or may not be granted, some members are no longer sure whether they can afford the membership fee. On the other hand, these times have also brought about a marked re-politicisation of Naturefriends activities. That German Naturefriends have positioned themselves at the centre of the movement for an energy-turnaround and against nuclear power, and that the Greek association has taken a firm stand on matters of social cohesion – can be cited as cases in point.

The future of Naturefriends will, among others, depend on whether we succeed in credibly communicating to people that we stand for worldwide sustainable development, to which there is no alternative, that solidarity and environment protec- tion are values brought to life in our activities, and that our work is both politically and service-oriented and that we do employ advanced technologies in its performance. Wherever possible, NFI supports its member organisations in achieving these objectives.


LOGO naturefriendsNaturefriends International
Diefenbachgasse 36
A-1150 Wien


Tel.: +43 (0)1 892 38 77
Fax: +43 (0)1 812 97 89


Christian Baumgartner


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