Program of the travels 2013 of Planet Viaggi Responsabili


Since 1999, Planet Viaggi Responsabili has been organizing travels according to responsible tourism principles inspiring from the “the Charter for a sustainable tourism”. Its objective is to make the travel as a way to get economic benefits for the whole local population and for the traveler, the occasion to have a truly contact with local people and to get to know their culture and traditions in a total respectful way.

And is walking that is done the way …. it is only since 1999 that we organize trips Responsible Tourism.

History of Planet Viaggi Responsabili

1999: start to oganizzare the first trips of Responsible Tourism in Latin America as a tour operator by opening a traditional agency. During these years, we extend our proposed journey to ‘Africa, Asia, Europe and Italy reaching 45 countries

2012: we have another important milestone in the journey of Tour Operators, Travel Managers. Planet becomes exclusive operator of Responsible Tourism and travel Aware to prove with facts that another economy in tourism is possible, that a business enterprise that based on an alternative conception of the profit and thinks that relations between equal subjects of the North and the South is the real capital on which to base an economic project.  All this with the realism of those who gets his hands dirty in the work every day in this economic environment unaided and relying on their own resources.

If you wish, with a bit of rhetoric, we can also say that the decision to make such a choice arises from the need to specialize even more our travel proposals that have always aimed to meet the target cultures and traditions of the people, you will visit and build relationships economic  field with the partners of the South and the North.

Next travels coming: HERE

Brochure: HERE


Via Vasco de Gama, 12

37138 Verona, Province of Verona

045 834 2630

Vittorio Carta, Director


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