“Take The MED” project, promoting Sustainable and responsible tourism in the Mediterranean area

Innovative and ambitious projects bloom almost every day, but very few of them have the ability to gather together different stakeholders around a common goal and create an effective dynamic. The “Take The MED” project that we will present you, has the distinction of belonging to these two categories.

Initiated by Eric Raulet, President of Defismed association, “Take The MED” aims to develop a Euro-Mediterranean collaborative platform to encourage investments in local sustainable developments and to promote sustainable and responsible tourism.

EARTH is supporting this project as a member of the executive group and will participate to the publication of the newsletter with Voyageons Autrement.com


The Mediterranean countries

Why such a project? In fact, this program was born of the need to renew the image of the destination Mediterranean, too often reduced to sea and sun. Moreover, the social, economic and environmental crises have contributed to the enhancement of emergency projects and achievements that take into account the needs of local populations and environmental emergencies.

The main challenges for Take The M.E.D will be :

  • To be a participatory observatory, through the identification of sustainable and responsible tourism initiatives in the Mediterranean area
  • To be the center, the crossroads of innovative ideas by encouraging investments in the Mediterranean community through participatory financing.
  • To be the showcase of e-tourism by co-organizing the next year the first conference on e-Mediterranean tourism. This conference will bring together experts and will present the first results of Take “The MED”.

“Take The MED” is also a melting pot of players from in the fields of IT, scientific research, crowdfunding, schools and universities and other sectors.

Members of the steering committee:

–       Jean-Eric Aubert, Chairman of the Steering Committee, consultant of international organizations

–     Bruno Santos, a founding member of the European City of Culture, Tourism and Development and the chairman the enterprise Wannago (mobile tourist guide)

–     Jean-Marie Collombon, coordinator and founder of the FITS (the latest, the FITS Morocco 2012) and author of the territorial diagnosis of the Taliouine region for the Franco-Moroccan association “Migrations & Développement”

–     Axel Frick, coordinator of the French Association of “Citizens of the Earth” and facilitator of the process “EVEIL-Tourisme “(promotion of sustainable and responsible tourism in Provence)

–       Samiha Khelifa, research professor at the AUF

–       Mylène Leitzelman, Mnemotix company (cooperative society of engineers and researchers in knowledge engineering and Web)

–       Bruno Romagny, researcher at the IRD (Institute of Research and Development)

–       Leo Vincent, president of MNES (Mediterranean Network of Engineering Schools)

To learn more about Take The MED and send us your initiatives.

Website of the association Defismed: www.defismed.com

Eric RAULET, president: contact@defismed.com

Marie Secrétant, coordinator of EARTH: coordination.earth@gmail.com

Translated from the French version of Voyageons-Autrement.

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