“Lampedusa, a pleasure to meet you”, a festival of responsible tourism at the end of June

A festival to discuss about the Responsible tourism and human rights from the 22nd until the 29th of June 2013 is the purpose of the event organized by AITR.

 Our Italian member AITR (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism) is organizing a week of celebrations with the topic “tourism and human rights”. The choice to organize the event in Lampeduza, an famous island in the very south of Italy, is not a coincidence. The Italian network has chosen this place, because of its history of welcoming African migrants trying to arrive in Europe. From the 22nd until the 29th of June 2013, the visitor will have to opportunity to participate to events, conferences, visits.

NGOs, associations, cooperatives have gather together to organize the festival. The promoters associated with AITR that will participate and will host its contents, are numerous and various.

–          Legambiente will attend local events that will be presented and summarized in a program.

–          ARCI, who heads the European project Mediterrean Networking, Step One Lampedusa, will organize their own events during the week of the festival, in collaboration with the Anna Lindh Foundation, based in Alexandria, Egypt. NGOs’ participation as Cospe and Parallels Institute will also be activated.

–          ECPAT will organize a conference on “Tourism and the rights of the child” and will present an exhibition on Cambodia.

–          Ibby will begin the construction of the library dedicated to children, and has already received the premises of the local municipality. Finally a first shipment of books will arrive for the event.

Events planned (preventive programme):

• Visit the nature reserve (Legambiente)
• Meeting with Local Government
• Visit the Center for turtle recovery (WWF)
• Visit the center turtle recovery in Linosa (CTS with Hydrosphera)
• Visit the Marine Protected Area (Municipality)
• Meeting with Pastor Don Stefano Montenegro and Caritas, video projection with the speech of the bishop and the images of the emergency
• Meeting with fishing cooperatives
• Visit the Museum of Migration in phase (migration of people and animals, such as whales, turtles and birds, boats and Archives migrants Souvenirs) (Askavusa circle)
• Meeting with local historian John Fragapane with a visit to the Sanctuary and the caves where Christians and Muslims once lived together in peace
• Meeting with local  researcher Nino Taranto and his collection of photos, videos, plastic models
• Meeting with Coast Guard
• Visit of the cemetery

Here the article in Italian in the website of AITR 

For more information:

Maria Petrucci, coordinator of AITR: petrucciaitr@gmail.com

Website of AITR: http://aitr.org/

Viale Aldo Moro, 16 – 40127 Bologna (Italy)

Tel. 003951 509842


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