“Paris, ville-monde” 31rt of May until the 30th of June

 From the 31th of May till the 30th of June, the Parisian actors of responsible tourism are offering you to do the tour of the world in Paris and to discover the world’s leading tourist destination meeting its inhabitants.

 Dances, walks, concerts, lectures, cooking classes, etc… will punctuate a month of exchanges and celebrations with tourists and locals, whatever their origins.

Download here the program in French programme_parisvillemonde


How did it start?


At the beginning of 2010, our member ATES (Association for Sustainable and Fair Tourism) has initiated the Parisian project “Tourism Fair and Solidarity in Ile-de-France” (TESIF) in consultation with the Regional Council of Ile de France (CRIF), trying to reach a double mission :

–          Support the structuring of the Parisian actors by supporting the professionalization of the sector;

–          Coordinate actions to raise the awareness in the area of Paris.

Fair and responsible tourism is a sector of innovative activities, strong growth (3000 passengers in 2005, 5 000 in 2008) and it is supported by associations that make travel tools for exchange and development. Fair and responsible tourism are also the intersection, the crossroad among the economy social, the sustainable development, the fair trade and the international solidarity.

For one part, TESIF project gives the priority to develop the tourist offer proposed by the responsible tourist stakeholders of Paris, and to develop the demand in the Ile-de-France Region. For another part, the project is pushing the development of participative and local tourism.

On the supply side, supporting the professionalization of actors contributes to the increase of the numbers of actors (number of employees, number of volunteers, number of tour operators), to implement the diversity of the travel services (locations, formulas) but also to improve the professional skills of actors (training, experience). Finally, the quality of sales and travel arrangements (gradual respect with the criteria of progress in fair and responsible tourism) would also receive benefit of the project.

In terms of demand, a better coordination of the actions toward the Parisian people has the goal to increase the awareness of the habitants of Paris (professionals and consumers, captive or not), but also to improve the understanding of the principles of fair and responsible tourism.

The first year was devoted to gather together Parisian key-players of an “other tourism here and there”. The local supply is a subject of discussion within the ATES and TESIF project is a “laboratory” because it gather together not only ATES members. In fact, inspired by the ATES Charter, the “Ile-de-France Charter on Responsible tourism, here and there” brought together 19 organizations including 4 members of ATES.

The French presentation of our member ATES and from our partner Voyageons-Autrement.com



Julien BUOT
Coordinateur de l’ATES
Association pour le Tourisme Equitable et Solidaire
8 rue César Franck, 75015 Paris, France
Tél. +33 (0)1 47 83 48 27
Fax +33 (0)1 45 66 69 90

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