7th edition of the World Day for Responsible Tourism: 3nd of June 2013



What governance to preserve the heritage of the islands ?

The event coordinated by International Coalition for Responsible Tourism will be taken over by many tourism actors around the world and will evaluate the tourism industry and the relationship between governance on islands and the preservation of natural and cultural heritage.

The main supporter of this 7th edition is Pascal SAFFACHE, PhD in Geography and Senior lecturer at the University of the French West Indies and French Guiana. He was honoured with a dozen distinctions, two of them international. He is the author of several scientific and educational publications as well as scientific books for the general public. 

The Vanilla Islands follow Tunisia and will be this year’s celebrated territory

These islands in the Indian Ocean attract more and more tourists. To reinforce their attractiveness, the concept of « Vanilla Islands » was created in order to pool the islands’ assets and promote their natural and cultural heritage.logo coalisation nouveau

However, these fragile insular destinations are subjects to important environmental challenges, hence the need to find appropriate solutions, especially concerning the matter of governance of these territories.

What audience is targeted for the symposium ?

250 professionals of the tourism industry, responsible tourism actors, institutional actors, local authorities, associations, NGO, experts and the media.

What are the events organised in France and over the world for the World Day for Responsible Tourism ?

There will be conferences, round tables, debates, cultural and musical events organised by tourism actors, institutional actors and local authorities to promote responsible tourism.


Download the program here (in French)programme Journée mondiale

The French article from our partner Voyageons-Autrement.com

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