The 7th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations on October 2013

Barcelona, International focal point of Responsible Tourism

From 1st to 4th of October, the 7th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations will bring together world experts on responsible tourism to debate the challenges facing destinations seeking
to achieve sustainable tourism.
Barcelona will host the 7th Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations: Barcelona-Catalonia from 1st to 4th October 2013.
This is an international forum that will bring together more than 300 professionals worldwide from international and intergovernmental organizations, national governments and local hospitality and tourism
companies, to discuss the progress made in sustainable management of tourism, and debate the challenges of responsible tourism in
The conference is to be hosted by TSI-Tourism Sant Ignasi (Ramon Llull University), and is being jointly organized by the Observatory for Responsible Tourism at TSI-Tourism Sant Ignasi and the ICRT Barcelona-Catalunya. It will examine how individuals, businesses and other organisations can take responsibility for solving social, economic and environmental problems through tourism, minimising the negative impacts and maximising the positive impacts tourism can have on local
communities and their environment.

Responsible tourism sees all stakeholders in tourism (operators, hoteliers, governments, local residents and tourists) adopting measures to make tourism a more sustainable activity. The objective of these international conferences on responsible tourism in destinations is to discuss how these stakeholders in tourism can best resolve the disputes that emerge around tourism activities taking place in the particular destination.
Parallel to the Conference, the first Catalan Responsible Tourism Awards will be launched.  These seek to recognize and share good practices within the Catalan tourism industry.

Tourism impacts on destinations, a debate
On October 1st, an academic session will take place with the participation of renowned professors and researchers in tourism from
both national and international universities. On October 2nd participants will visit Torroella de Montgrí and L’Estartit on a field trip to assess the efforts made by the municipality to restore the environment and ensure a sustainable future for responsible tourism. This will be supplemented by a round table discussion involving experts from other Mediterranean destinations.
The two main days of the conference, October 3rd and 4th, will see industry speakers talk alongside government officials and thought
leaders on tourism.  The role of governments in the planning and management of destinations, the role of local communities in the visitor experience, broadening participation in tourism (“access for all“), managing cruise tour.

Prizes will be awarded in eight categories: Best Smallism in the Mediterranean will all be discussed, among other issues.
The conference is co-chaired by Professor Harold Goodwin, director of the International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and
Hospitality (Leeds Metropolitan University) and Jordi Ficapal, director of the Observatory for Responsible Tourism TSI-Tourism Sant Ignasi (Universitat Ramon Llull).
The Department of Tourism, the Catalan Tourism Board, the City Council, Barcelona Provincial Council and the Barcelona Tourism Board are all collaborating in the organisation of this conference, demonstrating their commitment to the develop destinations in Barcelona and Catalonia based on the principles of responsible tourism.

I Catalonia Responsible Tourism Awards
These awards are being launched alongside the 7th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations. They aim to draw attention to good practices in the Catalan tourist industry from which others can learn. These awards celebrate the efforts made by tourism organisations to reduce the negative impacts of their activities and generate benefits, not only for their company but also for the local community, the environment and visitors.

Accommodation, Best Large Accommodation, Best Contribution to the Local Economy, Better Accessible and Inclusive Tourism Provider, Best Provider of Responsible Tours, Best Management of Cultural Heritage through Tourism, Best Management of Natural Heritage and Environmental Protection through Tourism, and Best Initiative in Sustainable Tourism.
Nominations for awards are open to anyone who wishes to nominate, and the eventual award-winners are chosen by a panel of experts from academia, travel media and tourism associations, both local and international.  To nominate a company just send an email to with the name of the company and contact details (email, phone number and name of contact person), your name, award category and the reasons for the nomination.
The Awards Ceremony will be held on Friday 4th October at the Agbar Tower (Barcelona).


Dates: 1st-4th October 2013

Location: TSI-Tourism Sant Ignasi (Avda. Marquis de Mulhacen 40-42.
ESADE Pedralbes Campus, Building 2. Barcelona)
Twitter: @RTD_7

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