“Lampedusa, Nice to meet you!”

All the activities of the “Lampedusa nice to meet you! Festival of responsible tourism and human rights “promoted by the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism, Amnesty International, Legambiente, Arci, Ibby Italy, ECPAT and Cts with the collaboration of the Municipality of Lampedusa, are taking place at full speed.

fotolampeduza (Picture: Participants during a visit)

Books, collected throughout Italy, were delivered on the island for the realization of the first library of Lampedusa.  Ibby volunteers have turned the main street of the city, via Roma, into an open library, involving all  citizens and tourists passing by with readings of stories and adventures.

Lampedusa children and children spending their holidays here “play to human rights” with Amnesty International which has organized workshops and games in the two most popular beaches of the island. All the participants have visited with emotion the cemetery where many migrants who died during the crossing lie.Participants had also the opportunity to personally meet and listen to testimonies of protagonists of the first aid and assistance to migrants arriving in Lampedusa: the Coast Guard, persons managing the center for first aid, and humanitarian associations’ representatives operating within the same center such as Save the Children, IOM and the Italian Red Cross.

The visits made by the operators of environmental groups, Legambiente engaged in the management of the Natural Reserve and the wonderful beach of “Beach dei Conigli” and “Cala Pulcino”, the WWF and the CTS who are managing the centers for the recovery of turtles in Lampedusa and Linosa, had a great interest and success.

During visits participants have discovered an entrepreneurially vibrant island: carpentry and pottery workshops, tourism businesses and the “Lampedusa Aquaculture” which represents a good example of  innovation and sustainability where people are expementing new ways of fish reproduction. In the events, historians and art lovers were also involved and have guided the participants to the discovery of the history, the cultural heritage and the monuments of the island.

Another Lampedusa is possible, not only nice and friendly, but rich in humanity and able to offer unique experiences to its visitors.



AITR (Associazione Italiana del Turismo Responsabile)
Via Aldo Moro 16
40127 Bologna (Italy)
Tel. 003951 509842
Fax 003951 509924
e-mail: info@aitr.org

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