European Social Tourism Forum from 1st – 4th of October

The 7th European Social Tourism Forum will be held in Belgium in Blankenberge, near Bruges, from Tuesday 1st – Thursday 3rd October and will end on Friday, October 4th with the celebration of ISTO’s 50th anniversary at the European Parliament. This initiative is organized by EARTH’ partner International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO).

Save the date Forum

Conferences, debates, workshops about the perspectives of social tourism and the introduction about the new forms of tourism such as the Couchsurfing, the Greeters, will punctuate these tree days. In view of the European elections in spring 2014, ISTO prepares a Memorandum to raise awareness of the issue of social tourism among the European candidates and parties.

The president of ISTO Jean Marc Mignon welcomes you and presents the Forum.

“Therefore, this year’s Forum has quite an exceptional character because it will mark half a century of commitment of our organisation and its members in favour of social tourism and access to holidays for everyone. But even more than the celebration of what has been done, which will of course be the case, it’s the future we want to focus on, especially among the European Union whose 500 million citizens will elect the Parliament next spring.

When many of our countries are going through a severe economic crisis, where employment suffers and where leisure is cropped, what can be our role to help ensure that social policies develop tourism, by providing innovative solutions such as our new platform eCalypso, in order to bring a clear message? We propose this topic to concentrate on together when we meet at the Forum, while enjoying the well known hospitality of great quality of our Belgian friends.

Save the date 50thDebates, discussions, reflections, adoption of a European Memorandum, time to meet and finally celebrating our 50th anniversary in the presence of members of other continents will be on the menu of these days, which will without a doubt mark ISTO’s future life. “

The program here in English EN Program Forum & 50th anniversary ISTO, in French FR Programme préliminaire Forum et 50 ans OITS and in Dutch NE Programma Forum en 50ste verjaardag OITS

More information:

Contact :logoistoits

Rue Haute, 26-28
1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 549 56 89/90
Fax: +32 2 514 16 91

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