Take the Med: Call for projects

“Take the Med”: Call for sustainable tourism projects in the Mediterranean area

As part of the project Take the Med, 58 volunteers have answered to the previous call for volunteers launched in July. Voyageons-Autement.com and EARTH are launching a call for sustainable tourism projects in the Mediterranean area.

Call for sustainable tourism projects in the Mediterranean area

desfimedPurpose: Find out 12 Mediterranean good practices

The historical and architectural heritage, the climate, the landscapes, the sea are all characteristics that make the Mediterranean area one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world.

TME believes that tourism could promote local initiatives and could assess them to their fair values. The ambition of TME is to reveal 12 original Mediterranean sustainable tourism practices that would enhance the local heritage, would preserve the environment and would improve the social equity.

The power of the participatory web will help to fund the initiatives chosen by the committee of volunteers. 58 web volunteers selected and supervised by the steering committee (VA, EARTH & DEFISMED) will analyze each initiative through specific criterias. The four best projects will be able to candidate for a financing through the crow funding. They will be presented on Defismed platform to call the generosity of users through a donation.

What are the best practices?

  • you are the initiator of sustainable tourism experience for at least one year and you are located in one of the countries bordering the Mediterranean area
  • you have a legal structure (association, company, NGOs …)
  • you can justify that your project agrees with the principles of responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, fair tourism, ecotourism…
  • you are able to present your objectives and your ambitions in a clear and structured way,
  • you can apply for a financial assistance  to develop one of your goals (the grant may not exceed € 2,000).

Please note that the application for financial assistance is not an obligatory requirement.


The steering committee will review your application and will validate whether or not your case. The quality and the relevance of the information will be taken into account. Your application for funding will be provided in PDF format and will not exceeding 5 pages. The steering committee would have the right to request additional information.

So, are you willing to join us to this great adventure of Take the Med?

Go to http://www.takethemed.com/

The article in French: 

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