American Forum on Sustainable tourism (FITS) in Chile (October 2014)

In October this year, ECO SOSTENIBLE together with our member Koan Consulting, the Spanish Center for Responsible Tourism, AGROTRAVEL, Condors Maipo and other specialists in the field of sustainable tourism, the AMERICAN FORUM oN SUSTAINABLE TOURISM (FITS ) will be held in Santiago in Chile from the 14th until the 17th of October 2014.

The goal of the Forum is to educate and raise awareness about sustainability and to broadcast live cultures with other cultures. The president of EARTH and AITR, Maurizio Davolio will be participating in this very important event. He will intervene on the theme of the importance of responsible global tourism.

The objectives are to carry out a Latin American Forum of Sustainable Tourism (FITS) in Chile for the tourism sector of Latin America. The second objective is to establish FITS led by ECO SOSTENIBLE in Latin America with the purpose of opening new spaces to welcome a bigger public mainly pymes and rural communities.

Then, the Forum aims to agree on working guidelines and actions to promote Sustainable Tourism in Latin America. Finally, the event will create a working committee for general actions of Sustainable Tourism in Latin America. The Forum will be an occasion to network with organizations from all over Latin America.

EARTH and its members and partners are looking for to meeting you there!

ProgrammeFITS program

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