bannercuadrado_conlosanmales  FAADA “Foundation for the counseling and action in defense of animals”
Member data
Country Spain
Legal Status NGO
Address  C/Juan de Austria s/n, 08930 San Adrián de Besós
Phone number  0034 934639670 Ext.2
Fax  0034 934639633
Mobile phone  xxx
Email turismo@faada.org
Skype Giovanna FAADA
Web www.turismo-responsable.com
Profile FAADA (Fundación para el Asesoramiento y Acción en defensa de los animales) is an animal welfare organization based in Barcelona, Spain. The organization has been working for 10 years towards the protection of animals. One of the Foundation’s campaigns is called Responsible Tourism towards animals (www.responsible-tourism.org) an initiative created with the aim of informing tourists and people in general about the harsh reality behind some of the most popular tourist activities with animals, and to help both professionals of this industry and travellers to find animal-friendly and ethic alternatives.
To Contact:
Name  Giovanna Costantini
Phone number  0034 934639670 Ext.2
Fax  0034 934639633
Mobile phone xxx
Email turismo@faada.org
Skype  Giovanna Costantini
Role  Responsible Tourism Campaign Coordinator

Brochure of FAADA 2014

FAADA_Leaflet_turismo-responsable_cast_AF-01 FAADA_Leaflet_turismo-responsable_cast_AF-02

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