Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation

National Hungarian Foundation for recreation Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation (Magyar Nemzeti Üdülési Alapítvány) 
Country Hungary
Legal Status Foundation
Address 1054 Budpaest, Bathory u. 12.
Phone number  +36-1-505-8484
Fax   +36-1-505-8480
Skype contact  hu HNFR
Website  /

The Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation (HNFR) has been running the main social tourism program in Hungary. HNFR was established as a non-profit organization by the government of Hungary and 6 trade union confederations with the mission to encourage the participation of socially disadvantaged groups in tourism. Solidarity, social inclusion – facing the challenge of integration – and the support of “right to have a break” – making tourist leisure accessible to all – have always been at the core of HNFR’s objectives. The present social tourism initiative of Hungary, called Erzsébet Program, provides the possibility of recreation to such groups of society a) that could otherwise not afford to go on holiday due to financial reasons, b) who face other difficulties and need special attention, as the disabled, or c) who deserve particular attention, as the children. In 2012 and 2013 more than 245 thousand people received holiday support, in the total value of HUF 6 billion (EUR 20.4 million), each year involving more than 1% of the total population in tourism. The main target groups are: children, large families, pensioners, disabled, low income employees.

HNFR has been a member of ISTO and ENAT since 2000 and 2014, respectively. The Foundation has headed several transnational projects (EU and V4) aiming to facilitate social tourism in Europe.

To Contact:
Name Andrea Pinter
Phone number +36-1-505-8438
Mobile phone +36-30-491-3293
Role head of legal and international department

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