“IT.A.CÀ migrants and travelers” festival in Bologna


IT.A.CÀ migrants and travelers: Festival of Responsible Tourism was born from the need to promote a new ethic of tourism, which sensitizes the mindset of institutions to that of travelers; the mentality of the tourism industry to that of the actors in the field. IT.A.CÀ starts from the idea that the “exotic” is just around the corner; we don’t become responsible tourists by participating in long organized trips, rather it is the do-it-yourself traveler, rejecting pre-fixed itineraries, who can best embody the values of respect and dialogue. On the other hand, tourism is also part of daily life, an attitude of experiencing and focusing on the other; tourism is not limited to a specific period of mobility, nor does the voyage end once we reach the destination. It really begins much earlier, and never ends, since the tape of our memories continues to replay inside us even after we’ve finished.

ProgrammaIT.A.CÀ hopes to encourage citizens to actively participate in promoting sustainable and socially responsible development of the region. The various events that give life to the Festival – now in its fifth edition – are conceived as moments of encounter and engagement, to reflect critically on the concepts of travel and hospitality; migration and global citizenship; inequality and development; sustainability and the best ways to communicate it.

Offering the opportunity to experiment with a different way to travel, IT.A.CÀ strives to contribute to the well-being of the land. There are many organizations in Bologna and the surrounding province, that, starting from development initiatives within their own economic and social system, offer sustainable tourism with an eye toward valuing land resources, conserving natural heritage sites, and preserving the traditions of local populations

The Festival aims to be the driving force that materializes, enhances and reinforces the ideals of justice, solidarity, and cooperation, creating a network of different organizations involved in responsible travel, to engage participants in a multisensory experience. logo itaca

The agenda includes: guided tours aimed at enhancing the cultural and historical heritage of the area, debates and meetings with experts in the field, presentations of written works, seminars, lunches at “kilometer zero,” experiential dinners, writing contests, illustration and photography, exhibitions, concerts, film screenings and theater.

IT.A.CÀ aims to create events and opportunities for exchange to encourage participants to reflect on the idea of the journey not only as a simple holiday or means of entertainment – but as an experience that offers the challenge, risk, and quest for knowledge and discovery of the world near and far from home.

ItacaBecause responsible travel starts from home and arrives at home (ît a cà means “Are you home?” in the Bolognese dialect) – any house, any Ithaca to reach – where more than the destination, what matters is the road and the way you walk it.

IT.A.CÀ waits for you in and around Bologna from May 30 til 8th of June 2014 to travel together – preferably on foot.

The Festival is sponsored and organized by: YODA, COSPE, CESTAS and NEXUS Emilia Romagna, with the support of AITR (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism), the Municipality of Bologna, the Province of Bologna, and Emilia-Romagna Region. In collaboration with a network of over 100 partners national and international.

For detailed travel information, visit www.festivalitaca.net

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