Jlag_avatar  Jlag
Country  United Kingdom
Legal Status  Limited Company
Address  120 Pall Mall, SW1Y 5EA
Phone number  +44 20 3318 5868
Mobile phone  +32498796168
Email  info@jlageurope.com
Skype  jlag_europe
Web  http://www.jlageurope.com/
Profile  Jlag is a European consultancy company that promotes and supports initiatives for the sustainable development of the glocal territories and economies. Jlag specialises in delivering tourism research and educational activities and in managing public initiatives in tourism, heritage and rural development. We support organisations in developing in-house and European funded projects from the definition of the business idea, to project management, implementation and communication activities.

Jlag developed and tested PM4SD (Project Management for Sustainable Tourism), a new methodology and qualification designed to plan and implement tourism projects with sustainability, in partnership with European key tourism stakeholders. PM4SD applies whenever an organisation needs to plan and manage a sustainable tourism initiative, providing a guarantee that the project will be transformed into concrete actions, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and that these actions will have a real impact on local communities. It is a practice to be adopted for participatory, transparent and effective management.

The Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism (FEST) is in charge of maintaining and disseminating the methodology worldwide. It wishes to concretely contribute to the Europe2020 growth’s strategy through the dissemination of PM4SD™ methodology and the support to innovative and competitive sustainable projects.

Person to Contact:
Name  Silvia Barbone
Phone number  +44 20 3318 5868
Mobile phone  +32 25 88 15 22
Email  silvia@jlageurope.com
Skype  jlag_europe
Role  Managing Director

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