GreenHopping: connecting sustainable tourism with consumers in Europe

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GreenHopping is an innovative web application founded in 2013 by three young and ambitious entrepreneurs, Matthieu Defrance, Hélène Rebuffat and Roxane Kaempf in Brussels. The platform aims to promote sustainable tourism in Europe and to show that everyone can be part of it.

greenhopping team

Matthieu Defrance, Hélène Rebuffat and Roxane Kaempf. Photo credit: Thomas Blairon.

GreenHopping offers precious information to all those who look for a green destination, a restaurant offering seasonal food, a certified place to stay, an eco-shop, an eco-friendly guided tour, local experiences etc. In short, GreenHopping is an interactive and dynamic website containing sustainable businesses and destinations in Europe. What to bear in mind is that it’s all about inspiration, because green-ness adds value to local discoveries and travel experiences. A great way to grab travellers’ but also locals’ attention.

On the other side, GreenHopping offers sustainable tourism marketing and communications solutions to green destinations and responsible businesses : innovative tools to increase the visibility of all sustainable tourism professionals (such as a personal profile page with photos), a system of social media integration, the possibility to be reached more easily through search engines, illustrations and infographics services to translate information to make it more inspiring…

GreenHopping is testing its efficiency in Brussels but the partners of the platform are becoming more and more numerous all over Europe. The 3 young entrepreneurs of Greenhopping are ambitious because they are willing to be the reference in terms of sustainable tourism in Europe in the next years! It could be possible as the project is quickly growing thanks to the involvement of Matthieu, Roxane and and Hélène, but also to their commitment of contributing to better living as sustainability and responsibility should become our lifestyle’s future.

GreenHopping is therefore a young and ambitious project: Visit GreenHopping and contact them at

logo gh copieVisit: or write them at



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