First Green Growth and Travelism Summer School (25-29/08, Belgium)

green global travelism conference belgiumThe 2014 Green Growth and Travelism Summer School will be held from the 25th to 29th of August 2014 in Hasselt University, Belgium. The event aims at exploring and explaining the concepts of tourism, travel, green growth and Climate Resilience, showing how the development of the travelism value chain can both adapt to meet the changing global challenges and turn them into opportunities. As a result, a series of lectures will be given on the topics of transport and hospitality sustainability, presented by leading experts in the fields of climate change, green growth, travelism, mobility and biodiversity. The conference will also hold field trips and interactive debates, focusing on practical applications and career development for course participants.

Professor Geoffrey Lipman, founder of, President of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICPT) and one of the directors of the school stated that this summer school is just the first of a planned series of educational initiatives to encourage and support green growth transformation patterns for the sector. “Today’s world is changing rapidly” he stated “and we are facing economic, social and environmental challenges compounded by intensifying climate change and shifting markets. In order to create a bright future, the concept of green growth has emerged as a proactive strategic response. Travel & Tourism (travelism) is increasingly recognized as a key element of sustainable global socio-economic development.”

This innovative and thought provoking summer school represents an ideal learning and networking opportunity for graduate students and young management professionals in the Travel and Tourism industry and those sectors which are part of its value chain.

For more information and registration, please visit: or contact Marie Julie Chaput

**Please note that if you will be flying to Belgium to attend the event, the summer schol has partnered with numerous airlines to offer special prices and conditions for participants. Furthemore, all CO2 emissions will be estimated and compensated for.

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