“Interpreting our European Heritage” project: 3rd meeting in Budapest

On the 27th and 28th of June, the partners of the European project «Interpreting our European Heritage » met in Budapest for the 3rd time since the beginning of the project in October 2013. Coming from 6 countries (Austria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia), the representatives of organisations have decided the next steps for the success and efficiency of the project.

Lasting until October 2015, this Life Long Learning program project intends to apply EQF, ECVET and learning outcomes to tourism professionals having the activities of heritage interpreters. “Interpreting our EU heritage” maps it into EQF via national qualifications frameworks and systems, designs the qualification in learning outcomes transferable units with credit points allocation to validate, transfer and recognize learning outcomes achieved in formal, informal and non-formal contexts. The final aim is to promote European mobility of tourism professionals working with the heritage interpretation and to validate their knowledge, skills and competences through the ECVET system and with EQF credits. Learn more about the project HERE.

In Budapest, the partners have analyzed in deeper some best practices collected by the partners in order to use the results and to repeat and apply these good experiences to the project.

Furthermore, the definition of the activities of the professionals of heritage interpretation and the knowledge, the skills and the competences will be a very important stage of the project. Effectively, the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) and the Learning Agreements will integrate this data including the particularities of each partner country.

The VET schools, the training centers, the Universities providing trainings, modules regarding tourism and heritage interpretation will play a key role in Belgium and in the other countries. Effectively, they could propose to the professionals to certify and to recognize their knowledge, skills, and competences in order to promote the European mobility and to professionalize the sector of heritage interpretation.

The partners will meet next time in Vienna in September 2014 in order to discuss and analyze their findings at national level.

More info about the project: http://www.interpretingeuropeanheritage.com/

Contact for the project in Belgium

Marie Secrétant, project manager in tourism
Diesis Coop
18 Square de Meeûs
1050 Brussels
02543 1043

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