BENISI, building a European network of incubators for social innovation

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What is BENISI?

BENISI is a trans-European consortium that aims at building a Europe-wide network of incubators for social innovation, meant as new ideas, products, services or models that simultaneously meet social needs and create new social relationships or collaborations. Social innovations are not only important for the new specific solutions to societal needs, but they can furthermore impact on society’s capacity to innovate.
Therefore, BENISI aims at identifying at least 300 of the most promising, impacting and employment-generating social innovations identified with high potential for scaling successfully, and aims at ensuring them the delivery of the necessary support services, thanks to a wide network of competent partners throughout Europe. This will expand their reach and impact, and simultaneously generate positive cascading effects across Europe on many key social and environmental challenges the European Union is facing today. BENISI expects the transfer and scaling of many innovative social enterprises to address one of Europe’s most pressing needs: to enhance economic growth and create new and meaningful jobs for a new generation of young people, who are in need of employment.


Interested in joining BENISI and to be referenced as one of the social innovation in Europe? Contact now Diesis’ team at

Some examples?


promotes balanced food production 100% local, respecting traditional recipes and quality, with an affordable price and with minimal environmental impacts;

logo BAIBorghi Autentici d’Italia: 

places citizens as the main actors of a sustainable development of their village together with the local authorities;

logo gh copie GreenHopping:

promotes Europe as a unique sustainable destination gathering informations and suggestions on an innovative web application;

MKEF: mkef

hires and provides training for migrants, women, unemployed and disabled people and helps them find a job and enter in the work market.

The project is led by I-propeller and the partnership includes DIESIS, several Hubs (Milan, Vienna, Amsterdam, Bucharest, London, Stockholm), the European Regional Authorities Development Agency (EURADA), Cariplo Foundation and the European Network of Foundations of Social Economy (PEFONDES).

Read more on BENISI website and get involved!

Project financed by the European-Commission-Logo-square and by the 7FP

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