June 20th, a day for responsible tourism’ actions in Paris

During the opening conference in Paris on June 20th, Agir pour un Tourisme Responsible (ATR) shared three good news:

  1. The adoption of a Responsible Tourism Charter
  2. Three new ATR’ members
  3. Fifty participants to the first ATR opening conference.

atr agir pour un tourisme responsableFor its 10th anniversary, Agir pour un Tourisme Responsable (ATR) – pioneer network engaged in sustainable tourism development in France – claimed its will to organise a powerful and strong responsible tourism movement.

Therefore, ATR calls the tourism and travel professionals – but also all those who are engaged in responsible tourism – up to build together this movement.

The conference was structured in two moments:

  • an extraordinary general meeting, aimed at approving the Responsible Tourism Charter, an evolution of the association’s statutes, and three new memberships;
  • an opening conference, to introduce the 10th ATR anniversary and the Horizon 2020 project, with some 50 professionals and partners invited to join the movement.

10 ans atr2

Good news n. 1:  the adoption of a Responsible Tourism Charter

The Responsible Tourism Charter (1) has been developed in the occasion of the 10th ATR anniversary, with the aim of widely gathering tourism operators, who claim to be involved in responsible tourism sector, beyond certified operators. It has been adopted by the Extraordinary General Assembly and signed by all the members on June 20th 2014. It allows operators to declare their engagement in responsible tourism and to join ATR.

Good news n. 2: three new ATR’ members

ATR’ three new members are:

  • Cheval d’Aventure, expert in horse travels. The representative, Christophe LESERVOISIER, is Atalante co-founder, Traveller Ethical Charter creator and first ATR’ President in 2004;
  • Evaneos, expert in travels through the first platform linking travellers and local tour operators, selected all across the world. Evaneos is represented by Eric LA BONNARDIERE, and aims at gathering innovation and responsibility together;
  • Sans Frontières, expert in youth travels, previous ATR’ member, certified until 2012 and represented by Luc BABIN made an enthusiastic comeback into ATR.

Nowadays, ATR is composed by 13 members, 9 of them certified (and marked by *): Allibert Trekking*, Atalante*, Chamina*, Cheval d’Aventure, Comptoir*, Grand Angle, Evaneos, La Balaguère*, Nomade*, Sans Frontières, Terres d’Aventure*, Tirawa* et Voyageurs du Monde*.

Good news n. 3: fifty participants to the first ATR opening conference.

The first opening conference aimed at increasing the influence of responsible tourism and at quickening the gathering of its actors. A sustainable bet that ATR wanted to propose to a great number of actors in such a symbolic place: Paris, “ville monde” and the first global touristic destination!

A first goal has been achieved, with fifty professionals replied to ATR’ call taking part to the first opening conference, presented by Vincent FONVIEILLE and Julien BUOT, respectively ATR’ president and director.

10 ans atr 2More information here:



Contact :

Julien BUOT, Director


00336 80 22 67 90

(1) Download the Responsible Tourism Charter in French!

Charte ATR 2014 (1)



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