Green Destinations Seminars: get involved in the first edition!

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QualityCoast, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and Green Destinations are pleased to announce the first edition of “Green Destinations Seminars”, a series of seminars and workshops that will take place from September 1st to December 19th 2014 in several amazing locations and online.

About Green Destinations
In this Seminars series, destination management officers, environmental experts, and consultants will gain and exchange experience on how to make tourism destinations more sustainable, attractive and competitive, analysing awards & certifications, best practices, finances and funding, marketing opportunities.
The Green Destinations Seminars and workshops will use and combine the best available international tools for learning and training, including the official GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria) Course, the Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR), the DestiNet Knowledge Base, Sustainable tourism award & certification programmes, and the Travel Green Europe marketing package.

When and Where
Each seminar will run for 16 weeks (4 hrs / week), mainly with online tools. It will be possible to follow the seminar in any of the following 8 languages: English, German, Spanish, French Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Turkish, and Dutch.
littoralThe Seminar in English will start September 1st, with (optional) workshops on
September 23rd-24th
(part of the Littoral ’14 Conference in Klaipeda, Lithuania) and on November 3rd (in Breda, Netherlands). Seminar activities will continue until December 19th, 2014.
The Seminar in Spanish will start January 5th, 2015, with workshops in Spain and in South America.

After the seminars, participants will:

  • know what sustainability in a destination means;
  • identify problems, needs, challenges;
  • identify strengths & weaknesses (SWOT), as a basis for a sustainable destination strategy.
  • be able to apply the Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR);
  • be able to create a GSTR assessment of the destination and to monitor and communicate progress, from research to marketing, to destination verification and auditing.

Read more about the
Green Destinations Seminar’ programme, modules, moderators and trainers hereGreen Destinations Seminar 1EN vs1g
Follow the Green Destinations LinkedIn page to be kept informed.

For further information and registrations, please contact: and download the registration form: GD Seminar 1 Registration Form vs2

EARTH’ Members are entitled to a 20% discount to the Participation fee.

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