Women and responsible tourism: GRT is looking for your story!

testataEARTH welcomes and promotes a new initiative by Gender Responsible Tourism, the first association interconnecting women involved in responsible tourism, now ready and willing to introduce and offer visibility to its protagonists and their initiatives.

grt_60_01What is GRT looking for? It is looking for inspiring stories regarding initiatives, ideas, itineraries, new models of hospitality and eno-gastronomy led by women, in order to offer them a peculiar visibility through a wide range of tools: from articles to multilingual profiles, from consultancy on itineraries to Interactive Maps, to social media, from banners to special support initiatives.

GRT aims to empower women occupation and gender conditions by creating a network of women that work for the development of a sustainable and responsible tourism. The stories GRT is looking for should therefore provide information regarding:

  1. The project: in order to give it a good visibility, GRT needs accurate information about the initiative and the touristic destination (i.e. how to get there, what to visit…).
  2. The women: GRT wants to know them, to focus on their involvement and to highlight the key roles they play.

logo grtIf you are interested in joining Gender Responsible Tourism network, please write to info@genderresponsibletourism.org
Visit GRT website to learn more.

Fabrizia Conti


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