​EU conference “Responsible Tourism and a sharing economy”, 2/12/2014, Brussels


The European Conference on Responsible tourism in a sharing economy” organized by the European networks EARTH (European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality), and NECSTouR (network of European regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism) and will be held on Tuesday morning, 2nd of December 2014, in Brussels (Piemonte Region Premises).

The conference aims at presenting a statement on responsible tourism in the sharing economy and at discussing the common values and the limits between the two sectors.

The event is composed of three main parts. The first part will be dedicated to establish a statement of responsible tourism and sharing economy in Europepresented by Maurizio Davolio, president of EARTH and of AITR (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism). NECSTour will reflect on the prospective of sharing economy in a sustainable tourism, bringing the regional point of view. Roxane Kaempf, member of EARTH with the organization GreenHopping will intervene on the importance of the new technologies for the development of sharing economy.  In addition, Gianluca Pastorelli from Diesis Coop, founding ​ member of EARTH will present the link between social innovation, sharing economy and responsible tourism. Then, representatives of ​practical examples of the sharing economy will share their experience starting from the Greeters to the crowdfunding organization KissKissBankBank, Bookalocal ,Hopineo, Home Exchange and the Couchsurfing.

The third and final part of the conference will focus on the shared values and the limits existing between responsible tourism and sharing economy in Europe during a round table session. The panel of speakers will expose their points of view but the assembly will be invited to participate in order to create a common reflection.

EARTH and NECSTouR chose to focus on sharing economy in responsible tourism because of the importance of this emerging sector. The sharing economy is not a new phenomenon, especially in the tourism sector but it has been accelerated through digital and new technologies. Indeed, the potential of the sharing economy is significant, with annual growth exceeding 25% (ref: European Commission report “Business innovation observatory, the sharing economy”). It is now a sector of the economy recognized by most of the institutions and organisations. As mentioned, responsible tourism and sharing economy have many common points but collaborative services are not automatically responsible and sustainable. Responsible tourism includes an exchange between two people in order to get to know the culture, the territory, the traditions of the hosting places.

In addition, 2nd December date has been carefully chosen by EARTH and NECSTouR’ members. Indeed, the European Commission is celebrating the European Tourism Day on Monday 1st of December in Brussels.

The official registrations to participate in the “Responsible tourism in a Sharing economy» conference are now available on EARTH’s website here.

The draft event program in English can be found here.

This conference is organised by the European Network of responsible tourism EARTH (European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality) and NECSTouR (network of European regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism)

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