At Baku Forum, organised by the Council of Europe, we talked about tourism as factor of peace.

Baku, October 31, 2014

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Maurizio Davolio, Manager of Legacoop Tourism, President of AITR (Italian Association of Responsible Tourism) and President of EARTH (European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality) has participated as a speaker in the 2014 Council of Europe Cultural Routes Advisory Forum in Baku, co-organised by the Ministry for Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Council of Europe Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes (EPA) and the European Institute of Cultural Routes (EICR).

Maurizio Davolio

Mister Davolio has moderated the session dedicated to the topic “War and Peace beside European Cultural Itineraries”. The session has offered the possibility to present the experiences of the Regia Path, existing in some Ukrainian regions, where a permanent conflict still exist due to different interpretations of historical facts among Ukraine, Poland, Austria and Germany. In addition, the experience of the Thermal Cities, place of political and military agreements between sovereigns and diplomatics has been also presented. The session was also the occasion to show the prospective of the Napoleonic Path that involves the places were important battles were played during Napoleon’s political life.

Davolio was invited as an international expert of responsible tourism, which aims to create a discussion and meetings between local communities and tourists in order to improve the mutual understanding and the respect of the different cultures.The session was strongly influenced by Azeri’s accuses to Armenia based on the occupation of the Nagorno Karabach region, which caused almost one million of refugees.

The Forum has discussed several topics related to the European Routes, with a special attention to the dialogue among communities to overcome the conflicts.

Cultural tourism may contribute to find a solution to the conflicts based on cultural incomprehension. Important experiences are realised in the Balkan area, scene of several wars, as well as in the Israeli-Palestinian area.

The Forum was attended by representatives of the Council of Europe’s 29 certified routes and candidate projects from all over Europe, representatives from member states of the EPA, international organisations (European Union, UNWTO, OECD, ICOMOS), NGOs, local and regional authorities, universities and professionals in the cultural tourism sector.

The Forum’s conclusions are set out in the Baku Declaration adopted by participants at the close of the sessions, which takes stock of the achievements since the 2013 Forum in Innsbruck and sets new goals for the future activities of the Council of Europe cultural routes.

Baku Declaration was approved, based on the discussed topics and on the experience of the 29 European Cultural Routes recognised by European Council. The Baku Declaration aims to promote social justice respecting human rights, equality and intercultural dialogue realised also for the reconciliation of environmental sustainability, identity and authenticity defence, local community participation and youth involvement.

The European Routes of Cooperative Culture, Cooproute, will be candidate next year to be recognized and certificated by the European Council.

Read the Baku declaration 

in English Council of Europe Cultural Routes Forum 2014 – the Baku Declaration

in French Forum 2014 des Itinéraires culturels du Conseil de l’Europe – la Déclaration de Bakou

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