TourCert Check – for a sustainable tourism

TourCert, partner of our member KATE, has launched The TourCert Check, a new CSR introduction for tourism enterprises.TourCheck

The TourCert Check offers a solution for the implementation of a consequent sustainability management for tourism enterprises. The Check comprises an introduction training regarding sustainable tourism, a corporate sustainability assessment and the implementation of CSR-measures. Applying the TourCert Check is simple and it promotes an improvement dynamic which leads to corporate qualification and enhancement of the sustainability performance. TourCert assesses the requirements by checking all statements and information.Illustration TourCheck

TourCert Check – your benefits at a glance

As a “responsible enterprise”, you lay the foundations for sustainable and quality-oriented management. The first steps are easy to implement and facilitate a potential future CSR certification. Quickly and simply you gain an overview into how your business is doing in terms of sustainability. With the acquisition of CSR basic knowledge and the definition of goals and measures, your employees become motivated and enthusiastic. A conscious consumption of energy and water as well as the reduction of waste will help you save costs. If you are already certified by other bodies recognized by the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council), you do not need to provide extra information for the TourCert Check. The TourCert Check indicates your responsibility to society and the environment and enables you to position your company, clearly visible, in the ever-expanding market for sustainable tourism offers. Your enterprise will be listed in a public register of the TourCert community and will receive marketing support. You will regularly receive the TourCert newsletter as well as other TourCert information.

Download the TourCert Check-Info-Flyer and the registration form TourCert-Check_Registration.

Overview : TourCert Check – Companies5 steps TourCert Check

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