Logo NEC_JPG NEC Notranjska ecological centre, Cerknica
Country Slovenia
Legal Status Private institute (NGO)
Address Popkova ulica 4, SI-1380 Cerknica, Slovenija
Phone number +386 (0)1 7096 260
Mobile phone  +386 31 408 754
Skype tomaz-neccerknica
Profile NEC Notranjski ekološki center, Cerknica is a private, non-profitable organization established on 1995, which operates as a competence center for project and environmental management, tourism, entrepreneurship, design management and sustainable development in Slovenia.
Our target groups are small and micro companies, tourist providers of products and services, local and regional communities in rural environments rich with natural and cultural heritage, knowledge institutions which operate in the field of sustainable development.
We help users to understand complex problems and act in bottom up approach.
– One-Stop-Shop for SMEs (registration of companies, social and green entrepreneurship, environmental efficiency and unemployed.)
– Training provider
– We operate Slovenian network for interpretation of heritage that brings together non-governmental organizations, individuals and informal groups from all over Slovenia, which are concerned with the conservation and presentation of the natural and cultural heritage
– Co-managers of local action group (LEADER program)
– Development of innovative green touristic products, markets in sustainable tourism and clusters
– Civil dialog
– Management of EU projects
– Comprehensive solutions in obtaining national and EU funding
To Contact:
Name Tomaž Stojanovič
Phone number +386 1 7096 260
Fax  –
Mobile phone +386 31 408 754
Skype tomaz-neccerknica
Role Director
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