“Transparency of CSR skills in European tourism” EU conference – 3rd September (Brussels)

TransCSR article Lifelong Learning Program

On the morning of 3rd of September 2015 in Brussels, the European Conference “Transparency of CSR skills in European tourism” will create the opportunity to reflect on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the tourism sector, especially linked with the trainings, the qualification and competences of the professionals in Europe.

Organised in the framework of EU TransCSR project by Diesis Coop, partner of the project and associated partner, our European network EARTH (European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality), the conference will count on the participation of European stakeholders in order to gather different point of views.

Indeed, the European Commission, representing by Mr Pedro Ortun, director of the Task Force Services and Self-Regulation of the European Commission (DG Grow) will realise a first statement on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the tourism sector in Europe and will present the European Commission Strategy on CSR.

The 8 partners will then present their researches and findings led in 6 EU countries regarding the CSR in the tourism sectors, which highlighted the lack of training  in Europe linking both sectors. In order to establish a statement of their skills and competences, the self-assessing tool “CSR Pass” has been created directed for professionals and student’s competences.

A presentation of experts of CSR at European level on Training and CSR will complete the first statement realized by the partners on CSR and tourism trainings.

The conference will then be converted into 2 simultaneous workshops in order to brainstorm with the participants and the speakers on the 2 topics. The first workshop will focus on “Responsible and sustainable tourism, a living concept at the disposal of SMEs and professionals” and will be Animated by Francesco Marmo, coordinator of AITR (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism). The second workshop will focus on one Good practices of CSR qualification in sustainable tourism called “CSR Manager” and will be animated by the German project leader kate.

Draft programme : TransCSRProvisionalAgenda.finalconference.14.07.2015

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More information about TransCSR project

More information about CSR Pass: www.csr-pass.eu


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