Success of EARTH petition for a EU study on Responsible Tourism

EARTH thank you EU study for Responsible Sustainable Tourism

The initiative launched by EARTH to collect signatures of organisations in order to ask the European institutions to finance a study about responsible and sustainable tourism in Europe was A SUCCESS !!

Indeed, with the support and the commitment of many organisations, EARTH collected 68 signatures of influential organisations from 19 different countries ! In more details, 38 non-profit organisations, 19 SMEs, 9 representatives of public organisations (including universities and municipalities) and 3 other organisations supported the initiative !

In February 2015, EARTH launched this initiative, targeting the EU institutions in order to ask them to finance a European study on sustainable and responsible tourism.

A EU Study on sustainable and responsible tourism: What For?

The study would aim to measure the place of consumption and expectations of consumers regarding sustainable and responsible tourism. Its results will certainly help the tourism actors to distinguish market opportunities, identify potential innovations to guide and adjust the supply, and increased the competitiveness of tourism operators. Moreover, clear and universal indicators regarding responsible and sustainable tourism need to be integrated into the official tourism statistics of each country as well as at European level.

Next steps

In the next days, EARTH will sent a letter to the European Institutions with your signatures to invite them to finance this study. EARTH will keep you informed about the next steps of this initiative.

EARTH and the members thank you once again for the involvement and the support of the signatory 68 organisations for “One Europe for Responsible tourism”.

Read more about the initiative 

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