Let’s interpret our European Heritage !

Brussels, 21/09/2015

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Are you interested in heritage interpretation ?

“Heritage interpretation” defines the way to transmit the message and the information by making it accessible and understandable to the visitor, inviting him to become actor of its visit. Indeed, the visitors are asking more and more to realize visits based on experience. Learn more about Heritage interpretation here !


Consortium meeting Interpreting our European Heritage – Brussels, 16th of September, 2015

The European project “Interpreting our European Heritage”

The project, started in October 2013, aimed to make it possible for tourism professionals to get their competence of heritage interpretation officially recognized and validated, thought a new common profile in Europe. Indeed, this competence is often acquired during the professional activity. It is used by guides but it is not officially recognized at the national levels nor at the European Union level.
On the 16th of September, the project partners gathered in Brussels, in Diesis‘ office, to discuss about the results of the project and the next steps.

Public event to present the project to the stakeholders


Conference Interpreting our European Heritage – Brussels, 17th of September, 2015

On Thursday 17th of September, the results of the project « Interpreting our European Heritage » were presented to the public in Brussels during a conference that gathered over 40 Belgian and European stakeholders of tourism and heritage interpretation!

Many speakers, including members of Koan consulting (the project leader) intervened to explain precisely the goal of this initiative, what the project partners did achieved and to present the two new professional profiles created.
The intervention of Lies Boonen from visit Flanders, and of Ignace Schops, president of the Europarc, brought new elements to the discussion and pointed out that this project raised an important issue and a sincere need in the field. The conference was also the occasion for the participants to discuss about the domain of heritage interpretation in Europe, especially thanks to the participation of the representative of Interpret Europe Willem Derde.

The event was a great success, and all the participants demonstrated their involvement in the topic, addressing many questions to the speakers.

Learn more about the project « Interpreting our European Heritage » HERE!

Download the presentations from the conference:

2 new profiles created

Europarc federation – Interpreting the natural heritage

Interpret Europe presentation

Interpreting Our European Heritage – The project

Project Interpreting our EU heritage – Memorandum of Understanding

Visit Flanders

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