Who are we?

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Launched in Brussels on October 2008, the European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality (EARTH) is the first European Network created by experts of responsible tourism. The non-profit association (ASBL) is composed of private organisations based in 9 European countries (Belgium, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia and Spain).

EARTH has one main goal: to transform and unite Europe in “One Europe for Responsible Tourism”. The network brings to life the principles of sustainability, fairness and solidarity in the tourism field, by promoting the exchange of good practices, experiences and knowledge among its members.

what makes EARTH unique copie

  • The first European network advocating Responsible Tourism
  • Constituted only by private organisations
  • A direct representation of the private sector before the European Institutions  in Brussels
  • Direct rapporteur of European tourism policies
  • Members are experts on Responsible Tourism
  • Diversity of the members which enhances the competencies and efficiency of the network.

key words copie

  • European network
  • 9 European countries
  • Representation of the civil society (association, NGOs, social cooperatives, private company) and the social and fair economy
  • Partnerships at a regional, national, andEuropean level
  • Experts on responsible, fair and sustainable tourism
  • Direct representation in Brussels
  • Family group
  • Common projects, initiatives and events
  • European tourism watch (news of tourism, events, projects, reports and publications)
  • Adjectives: dynamic, innovative, diverse, solidarity, responsible, collaborative
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