Objectives and activities

objectives copie

Our main goal is to promote the concepts, principles and the values of Responsible Tourism by:

  • Sharing the tools and good practices needed to develop sustainable and competitive tourism to both small and micro-enterprises
  • Supporting the EARTH network as a medium of conveying to its Members the core vision of the European Agenda on responsible and competitive tourism
  • Approving and implementing a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) system

activities copie

  • Raising travelers awareness about the principles and good practices of responsible tourism
  • Cooperating with conventional tourism agencies to raise awareness about the principles of responsible tourism
  • Cooperating with local authorities, public institutions (at a European, national and local level), agencies, schools and universities, research centers and other tour operators in defining tourism development policies based on the principles of sustainable development and responsibility
  • Coordinating the activities of its Members, encouraging the mutual exchange of good practices
  • Participating in projects involving international cooperation
  • Improving the quality of trips from an ethical viewpoint, through the adoption of good practices inspired by the principles of responsible tourism
  • Ensuring collaboration among responsible tourism operators and communities in the South of the world and their Organisations
  • Promoting the concept of responsible tourism through publications, information and awareness campaigns, meetings and conferences and participating in international debates on tourism policies
  • Training tourist operators in the principles of responsible tourism, through the organisation of courses and seminars in universities and schools, and also through the encouragement of hosting placements
  • Supporting the activities of tour operators, travel agencies and associations specialising in responsible tourism.  Notably by participating in events and projects such as trade fairs, scholarships and other public initiatives and by assisting in collaborative relations.
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