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EARTH stands for European Alliance of Responsible Tourism and Hospitality : it is the first European partnership network aimed at the development of sustainable tourism.

Many different organisations in Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy and Spain have already joined.  The members of EARTH are industry experts in the field of responsible tourism : among them there are Tour Operators, National Networks, Independent Consultants, Associations and NGOs. Learn more about the members of EARTH…

Officially launched in October 2008 in Brussels, EARTH aims to lay the foundations of a European Network for Responsible Tourism.

EARTH deals with the organisation and structuring of responsible tourism networks all over Europe and represents a center where competences and professionalism help the creation of new initiatives and partnerships in the field of responsible tourism.

Its main purpose is to promote the concept of Responsible Tourism through the diffusion of the principles of sustainable development, the acknowledgment of the role and interests of local communities, and in solidarity for the fight against poverty.

To reach this goal, EARTH follows several procedures, these include:

  • Improving the quality of trips from an ethical viewpoint, through the adoption of good practices inspired by the principles of responsible tourism;
  • Ensuring collaboration between responsible tourism operators and communities in the Southern part of the world and their organisations;
  • Sharing best practices with public European, national and local institutions, in order to define tourism development policies based on the principles of sustainable development and responsibility.

Among other core objectives, the Network promotes a debate on the essential elements for the  fight against poverty.

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