Speakers list

Members of EARTH

EARTH Maurizio Davolio, President
Naturefriends International Cathrine Schwenoha, Sustainable tourism and education project manager
Sustainable Tourism Ireland Barbara Tomasella, Director
Italian Association of Responsible Tourism (AITR) Maria Petrucci, Coordinator
Centro Español de Turismo Responsable Jose Maria De Juan Alonso, President
Marco Polo Maya Collombon, Founder member
KATE ecology and environment Corinna Lettini, Project manager
Association Tourisme Equitable et Solidaire (ATES) Julien Buot, Director
Diesis Coop Gianluca Pastorelli, President
Legacooop Sabrina Luise, Representative of Legacoop
European Travel Commission (ETC) Eduardo Santander, Executive director
International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) Jean Marc Mignon, President
European Economic and Social Committee Gkofas Panagiotis, Rapporteur
European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry Francesca Tudini, Head of the Tourism Unit
Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Mauro Marrocu, Chief Executive Officer
European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT) Anna Grazia Laura, President
NECSTouR Accessibility Task Force Françoise Guaspare from Ile-de-France Region and Anna Breda from Veneto Region; Task Force Regions coordinators
Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism 
Tourism Task Force of the EU Parliament
Silvia Barbone, director Carlo Fidanza, Vice-chairman

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