The program

Tentative program

Conference ONLY IN ENGLISH (no translation)

Moderator: Eduardo Santander, executive director of the European Travel Commission

1 Part ONE: Overview of European responsible tourism 

12 h 30 – 13 h 00: Registration at NECSTouR headquarter and Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’Azur Premises. 62, Rue du Trône – Ground floor, Brussels (1050)

13 h 00: Welcome by PACA Region and introduction by Eduardo Santander, European Travel Commission

13 h 05 – 15 h 15: “EARTH, a network standing for One Europe for responsible tourism”

Topics: Responsible tourism, corporate social responsibility, coastal tourism, responsible tourism in social economy, management, tools for responsible tourism.

  • 13 h 05 – 13 h 15 : Maurizio Davolio, president of EARTH. Welcome and presentation of the network: past activities and perspectives.
  • 13 h 15 – 15 h 15 : Members of the network will present their competences in terms of experiences, initiatives, projects, cases related to responsible tourism in Europe.

Members of EARTH:

  • KATE, Ecology & DevelopmentCorinna Lettini, Consultant / Project manager: “An Insight to the Experiences of CSR consultants in the tourism sector”
  • AITR, Maria Petrucci, coordinator “The Italian experience of responsible tourism”
  • Naturefriends International, Cathrine Schwenoha, sustainable tourism and education project manager : “Landscape of the year”, crossing the borders for responsible tourism”
  • Association Tourisme Equitable et Solidaire (ATES), Julien Buot, director: « Fair trade in Tourism »
  • Marco Polo Echanger Autrement: Maya Collombon, founder member:“Tourism with fisherman in the Mediterranean sea and the coastal tourism” and “Mygrantour, migrants driven intercultural routes to understand cultural diversity”
  • Diesis Coop, Gianluca Pastorelli, president: ”Social economy, social innovation in responsible tourism”
  • Spanish Center of responsible tourism, Jose Maria De Juan Alonso, president: “Productive and commercial efficiency of responsible tourism as a tool for local development”.
  • Legacoop Tourism, Sabrina Luise, representative of Legacoop: “The cooperative movement in responsible tourism”
  • Sustainable Tourism Ireland, Barbara Tomasella, founder: “Small tourism enterprises, responsibility and the visitor experience”


15 h 15 – 15 h 30 Fair trade and organic coffee break offered by EARTH

2 Part TWO: Accessibility 

15 h 30 – 16 h 45: Accessibility in tourism, responsible tourism and in social tourism.

EARTH is proposing a focus on the accessibility in tourism as the European Commission has chosen this topic for the European Tourism day on the 4th of December in Brussels. On the 3rd of December, the conference of the European Day for People with Disabilities will be held in Brussels too.

  • EARTH: Jose Maria De Juan Alonso, vice-president of EARTH “Is responsible tourism accessible as a tourist, as a citizen and as worker?”
  • European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT), Anna Grazia Laura, president, “Accessibility in Tourism, an opportunity for everybody”
  • Naturefriends InternationalCathrine Schwenoha, sustainable tourism and education project manager :: “Political demands and publication of good practices concerning accessible tourism”.
  • International Organisation of Social Tourism (ISTO), Jean-Marc Mignon, president:  “Memorandum about accessibility in tourism and social tourism”.
  • NECSTouR Accessibility Task Force, Françoise Guaspare from Ile-de-France Region and Anna Breda from the Veneto Region; Task Force Regions coordinators” : “Towards a roadmap for accessible tourism destinations”

3 Part THREE : the European policies for responsible and sustainable tourism

16 h 45 – 17 h 15:  Actions of the European Institutions to promote sustainable tourism in Europe

  • European Commission: Francesca Tudini, head of the Tourism Unit in the European Commission
  • European Economic and Social Committee: M. Gkofas Panagiotis, M. Gkofas Panagiotis,  Rapporteur of the EESC’ opinion INT /529  regarding “A new political framework for tourism in Europe”
  • Tourism Task Force of the European Parliament: Carlo Fidanza, vice-chairman of  (Video message)

17 h 15 – 18 h 00: The civil society standing for responsible tourism in the European policies

Dialogue with the stakeholders and the European institutions about the European policies in responsible tourism in prevision of the European elections in May 2014 .

  1. 17 h 15 – 17 h 30: Presentation of the Memorandum: EARTH, Julien Buot, Vice-President of EARTH
  1. 17 h 30 – 18 h 00: Discussion and debate with EARTH, the stakeholders, the assembly about the relevant topics of tourism in the European policies.

18 h 00: End of the conference. 

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