How do you do it?


Before the trip, getting informed is key to a responsible experience! We should find out about the destination so as to choose it carefully, being aware therefore of the local political, economical and historical situation. We should be actors of the travel conception and should learn as much as possible before travelling. In that way once we have arrived, it will be easier to create relationships.  Experiencing cultural exchanges with the local population will also be facilitated, as much as having a moment’s  relaxation and some fun.

During the trip, we should acknowledge and respect the manners, customs, rights and beliefs of all the peoples who are hosting us, recognising their centrality in our experience.

After the journey, we should go deeper into the topics discovered during the responsible touristic experience.  We should inform the relied upon organisations so that “our responsible travel” experience does not remain “private” but influences our social networks, spreading the idea that “Travelling Responsibly” is better!

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