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TourCert Check – for a sustainable tourism

TourCert, partner of our member KATE, has launched The TourCert Check, a new CSR introduction for tourism enterprises. The TourCert Check offers a solution for the implementation of a consequent sustainability management for tourism enterprises. The Check comprises an introduction training regarding sustainable tourism, a corporate sustainability assessment and the implementation of CSR-measures. Applying the TourCert Check […]

TransCSR: Transparency of CSR skills through ECVET in European tourism

In October 2013, the European Commission has approved the project “TransCSR”. The project has started in October 2013 and will last in September 2015. TransCSR aims at the transparency and acknowledgement of CSR skills in the tourism sector of at least six European countries using the tools of the ECVET system (European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training) and […]