The projects

the projects

EARTH promotes and highlights the projects undertaken and developed by its members. This section proposes a freshly updated and continuously enriched collection of all EARTH’ members projects. Learn more about the projects!

logo benisi05/2013 – 04/2016

BENISI seeks to build a Europe-wide network of incubators for social innovation. This network will proactively identify at least 300 social innovations that are identified with high potential for scaling successfully, and ensure the delivery of necessary support services to those social innovations. Read more HERE.

EARTH’ members involved :   DIESIS LOGO


 TransCSR logo

10/2013 – 09/2015

TransCSR aims at the transparency and acknowledgement of CSR skills in the tourism sector of at least six European countries using the tools of the ECVET system and the EQF. Read more HERE.

EARTH’ members involved :Kate-Logo-EN nuovo_Logo_AITR-vettlogolegacoop  DIESIS LOGO


  interpreting_web10/2013 – 09/2015

Interpreting our European Heritage intends to apply and ensure the people working or learning in tourism sector the possibility to obtain the recognition of learning outcomes characterizing the “heritage interpretation” activities and the qualification of “European Heritage Interpreter”. Read more HERE.

EARTH’ members involved : logofondoblancoDIESIS LOGO


  HT11/2012 – 10/2014

Health Tourism: an ECVET process to put in transparency and recognise across Europe the learning outcomes and the qualifications of the professional figures in the health tourism sector. Read more HERE.

EARTH’ members involved : DIESIS LOGO


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