Coalisation Internationale pour un Tourisme Responsable

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The ICRT is managed by a group of professional experts on tourism and sustainable development.  They are experienced in environmental, economic and socio-cultural issues concerned with the tourism industry. ICRT is also a member of the World Partnership for Sustainable Tourism.

ICRT’s think-tank focuses on four lines of work.   Each year is dedicated to one specific topic, based on current news and events, elaborated by the Responsible Tourism World Day.

These lines of work are :

  • Economic (Tourism & Poverty,  Redistribution & Wages, Marketing & Ethics),
  • Social (Sexual tourism involving children, mpacts on culture and tradition, Westernisation tool, Migrants),
  • Environmental (water, waste, natural space, global warming, impact studies …),
  • Cultural relations with NGOs & Tourism professionals

Today the ICRT gathers more than 153 actors  in 56 countries involved in tourism.

The World Day for Responsible Tourism was held for the first time in Paris, in 2007. The annual event is now also regularly celebrated in several other countries in the world (Benin, Cameroun, Italy, etc.).


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