ISTO and EARTH, the new alliance for responsible and social tourism!


On the 25th of March, in Paris, the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) and our network, the European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality (EARTH) joined their strengths to officiate their parternship.

EARTH_OITS_PARTNERokISTO is an international network promoting social tourism in the world to bring better access to travel, leisure and holidays for all. Their new collaboration is based on common values. These include their involvement in the social sector, (based on the central role of humanitarian activities in tourism), as a professional and / or as a tourist; in the respect for the environment and with the welcoming territory and community. Finally, the value of solidarity represents a strong part of their identity and constitutes one of its strongest common values.

Although social tourism needs to encourage the integration of aspects linked to sustainability and responsibility, responsible tourism on the other hand needs to incorporate and learn from the experiences of social tourism. Both sectors have the will to share their mutual knowledge, expertise and experience of the good practices in tourism.

EARTH and ISTO act as collaborating partners in a number of areas related to tourism.  They strive to provide accessible services and standards as well as  implementating the essence of responsible and sustainable tourism, particularly as they have complementary aims and interests.

This alliance brings innovation, exchange and more solidarity for responsible and social tourism.

Presentation of ISTO in ENGLISH Présentation ISTO in FRENCH Présentation OITS

Download the partnership agreement: Partnership agreement EARTH – ISTO

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